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Health Insurance Quotes in Los Angeles

With a health insurance plan, you can get access to quality health care without having to worry so much about the costs. But without health insurance, even a few days in the hospital can push you into serious debt. People without coverage delay care which is why mortality rates for life threatening diseases are higher among those who are uninsured. If you are uninsured try to obtain a health insurance quote in Los Angeles as soon as possible to find our what you are eligible for.

In Los Angeles County, half a million people were enrolled under the ACA in 2014 however, the county still has 1.55 million uninsured individuals. Half of these individuals are noncitizens (which are prohibited by law to get federal health care aid) and 23% of them earn $25,000 annually.

Your Rights and Protection

If you don’t have health insurance through your employer, you’re not guaranteed to get health insurance in the state of California. Private insurance providers may refuse to sell you a plan due to your health status or they may opt to charge you a higher premium depending on your gender, age or pre-existing medical condition.

On the other hand, if you are insured through your employer, you cannot be denied health coverage because of your medical status. Your insurance provider considers those conditions for which you received medical treatment or advice in the six months before the start of your policy as a pre-existing condition. But the amount of time your previous insurance provider covered you may be credited toward your pre-existing condition period of exclusion if you were unable to get a break in coverage of at least 63 days. This credit reduces or cancels out the duration of the exclusion period of your pre-existing condition.

During emergency medical situations, you are protected by the federal law from being denied access to urgent care facilities regardless of your ability to pay or your insurance status.

Your Options for Health Insurance in Los Angeles

If you’re looking into health insurance quotes or planning to enroll in a health insurance plan in Los Angeles, you have 3 options:

Private Purchase Plans – For those who are unemployed or self-employed, you can get private insurance plans (HMO, PPO, POS, HSAs). Costs vary depending on the services you want. You may also avail of short-term insurance plans if you’re moving to a new location or transitioning to a new job.

Employment-Related Plans – This is the most common option for people under 65 to get health coverage. They get insurance through their spouse/partner/job. The employee pays a portion of the cost and the union or employer pays for the rest.

Government-Subsidized Plans – Eligibility for government health care programs in the state of California (as with all states) is based on your income, relative to the Federal Poverty Level. In 2016, the average subsidy is $291 per month per individual, which covers a significant portion of the $386 per month national average premium costs.

When you look into health insurance quotes in Los Angeles, you’ll find various health insurance plans in the California health insurance exchange. But they are categorized into 4 “metal” levels:

  • Platinum – Insurer pays 90%, you pay 10%
  • Gold – Insurer pays 80%, you pay 20%
  • Silver – Insurer pays 70%, you pay 30%
  • Bronze – Insurer pays 60%, you pay 40%

California also offers an Enhanced Silver plan for those with limited income and qualify for reduced out-of-pocket costs. Minimum coverage plans, known as catastrophic plans, are also available for those who are under 30 years old and cannot afford health coverage. With this type of plan, you get 3 doctor visits, preventive benefits, outpatient mental health care or substance abuse care and urgent care visits.

Calculating Your Subsidy

The size of your subsidy is based on how much you’re earning as well as the number of people in your household. See the federal poverty guidelines for 2016 to find out whether your income and the size of your household make you eligible for a subsidy. Then find out how much you are expected to contribute to your insurance costs based on the ACA guidelines. Next, determine how much the standard plans cost in your area and subtract it from the amount you are expected to contribute.

Enrolling in a Health Insurance Plan

If you live in Los Angeles or anywhere in California, you can get health coverage through licensed insurance brokers, direct from the insurer, or the state health insurance exchange known as Covered California.

To help you find affordable health plans, you can get health insurance quotes in Los Angeles from our website and pick a plan that suits your needs best.

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